Research Reports


Click the desired item to gain access to the final report for each of the research projects funded through this grant. Some of these reports will contain embedded links to supplementary materials.


Implications of quantum physics and relativity for spontaneous emergent order as viewed through the lens of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics in process philosophy (Pontius and Melvin)


Defining, mapping, and visualizing the health of a community (Toone and Moore)


Developing aesthetic measures for 3D head models (Cameron, Milewicz, and Shewmake)


Impact of modern physics on the training and mindset of American ministers of religion (Nordlund and Markham)


The need for social acceptance and the cost of social rejection (Chew and Gibson)


An evaluation of the distribution of human health risks across socioeconomic status: Alabama a case study (Hunsinger and Meadows)



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